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by Ginger on March 24, 2014

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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but I kept needing “one more picture.” So let that be a warning that this is going to be a picture heavy post. And that you’re going to see a lot of close ups of my eye. It’s going to be weird. Sorry about that.

I came across Hello Waffle originally through, I believe, Temerity Jane linking to the Summer collection*. Hello Waffle is an indie makeup store run by Christine, and after seeing her Summer collection*, I was intrigued. Just not intrigued enough to buy–indie eyeshadows are almost always loose shadows and I haven’t been terribly confident with loose shadows in the past, plus the shipping cost was a little spendier than I wanted for a couple of eyeshadows (she’s in Canada, so it’s more expensive).

Then, somewhere along the way, I ended up buying some materials to press loose shadows (for some others I had), and considered buying some of Hello Waffle shadows & pressing them. But I still put it off, because the last thing I really need is more eyeshadow.

THEN, Christine put out her Winter collection.* Annnnd, I finally caved. I ordered two shadows from the that collection (Bare Trees & Broken Trees), and one from the Summer collection* (Wisteria). Christine had a delay in getting the shadows shipped to me, but she was exceptional in keeping me updated, and for the delay, she threw in another shadow I was wanting to try (African Violet from the Summer collection). I have to say, her customer service and communication was great, which definitely makes me want to order from her again.

When the shadows got to me, I was super excited to find they were just as gorgeous in person as in her swatches. Here’s what my quickie swatches looked like when I first opened them.

Hello Waffle swatches

From top to bottom, Bare Trees, Broken Tree Branches, Wisteria, African Violet. You can’t really see how pretty the shimmer is, and the depth it gives these colors.

Bare Trees is a gorgeous coppery reddish brownish color with sort of multicolored sparkle. Broken Tree Branches is maybe my favorite for daily use (though it photographs perhaps the worst)–a taupe-y brown that has a metallic sheen that can veer a little silver, a little bronze. Wisteria is a really pretty purple-pinky shade, that has a nice sparkle to it. African Violet is a pretty purple that has golden shimmer.

Sadly, when I first tried the shadows, I was a *little* disappointed. I found them less sparkly and interesting than I did in the swatches. I attribute some of it to my still-learning-blending habit of blending too much away, and a little bit to differences using loose shadows, which I’ve been working on. They were still pretty, definitely, just not how special I thought they could be.

Floating lanterns with primer
This is African Violet with LORAC’s eye primer (and blended with something from Naked3 I’m guessing, but don’t remember)
Oy, those eyebrows need some work. Yeesh.

Fresh Lacquer with eye primer

This is Broken Tree Branches w/LORAC’s eye primer (most likely blended with Darkside from Naked 3)

This is African Violet with a bit of a better application.

See? Pretty, very pretty, and definitely shadows I’ll use, but not quite like those swatches. BUT! I refused to give up, so I decided to try a bit more, this time doing either a foil method (basically a wet application), or using Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy. And now, BAM! This was way more what I was looking for.

Hans with Pixie EpoxyBare Trees with Pixie Epoxy (which, whooboy, is there a learning curve with that stuff)

Floating Lanterns with Pixie Epoxy

African Violet with Pixie Epoxy

Maxiums foiled

Wisteria Foiled (just using water)

Hans with Pixie Epoxy againBare Trees with Pixie Epoxy (there are patches here, because Pixie Epoxy is HARD. It’s not for the weak of heart). My eye looks really creepy in this.

Fresh Lacquer with Pixie Epoxy

Broken Tree Branches with Pixie Epoxy (seriously, I can’t photograph this color well, it’s really really pretty, I swear).

They were pretty before, but they are GORGEOUS this way. I’m loving how shiny and complex they look with the foil or the Pixie Epoxy. Next I want to try them with a white base, to see how they do that way. I’m also getting better about how I use the loose shadows–I’m learning that you really need to pack the brush, and pat it on, instead of sweep it on the way I do normally. I may see about pressing some of these–there’s plenty of shadow for me to press some and keep some loose–but I’m nervous about them losing something in the process. We’ll see.

For now, I’m really loving them, and eying the rest of the collections, along with the new Spring collection* (Mud & Blackberries are particularly catching my eye. And Wet Sand. And Lingering Snow. And…well, you see how this is going). Christine had fantastic customer service with my order, and the shadows are really pretty (now that I know how to use them a little better). And right now she has a discount she’s offering to promote her new website that sort of makes up for the shipping cost.

But mostly, I just really like her shadows, and the way she puts the collections together, and I want them all. Someday.

*Christine has had to rename all of her shadows & collections because the original names were inspired by, and therefore a little too close to trademarks of, certain Mouse movies. I bought all my shadows under the old names, and am trying to post with them under the new names, but be warned, they may still change. Regardless of the names, I think the shadows are gorgeous.

Julie March 24, 2014 at 5:17 pm

You look lovely! You have a great eye for picking colors that work on you beautifully.

Perhaps a dumb question, but it’s been, ahem, awhile since I really worked with shadows, but in these pictures (except the one where you said you blended, I get that part), are you using just the 1 shade across your lid and working it into the crease? Do you use a highlighter or another shadow from the crease to the brow? I think you do a wonderful job with your eye makeup, so I guess I’m just looking for some tips.

Keep going – I can’t wait to see more!

Ginger March 24, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Not a dumb question at all! It’s a mix, to be honest. Well sort of. Most of the time when I do eyeshadow, I do one color on the lid, a darker one on the v of the outer corner & into the crease, and then maybe a transition color between the lid/crease/outer corner. And usually a cream/highlight color under the brow. (Does that make sense? I feel like I need diagrams instead of words to make sense of this).

In these pictures, the ones with just regular primer all have that basic approach, maybe without the color into the crease. For the bottom 5, it was a mix. The 3rd & 5th do that approach too. The 1st, 2nd, & 4th are all just a lid color, with a bit of a subtle matte transition color in crease to try and ease that line where the color ends. (It didn’t always work very well, that Pixie Epoxy is basically like glue and makes blending really tough). I was trying to really see the colors, so I tried without extra colors.

Kim March 26, 2014 at 4:18 am

Oooh, I love these, especially Bare Trees! And good job on the photos. I can never figure out how to take pics of myself that actually shows my makeup. I’d be interested to see a pic from the perspective of sitting in front of you. I wonder how the shadows look with your eyes open. Good job, sister!

Amy Lee April 15, 2014 at 10:00 am

Why! Why did you show me this! Now my cart is full of 26 new shadows I don’t need but can’t live without. 😉

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