Growing Up, One Worksheet at a Time

by Ginger on February 3, 2014

in The Kid

Sometimes, it blows my mind that my kid is slowly turning into this actual little person. He is learning and absorbing information at this insanely fast clip, or at least it seems like it sometimes. Today, his school folder came home with a couple of months worth of stuff they’ve done–worksheets and crafts and pictures–and these are a few of my favorites.

I'm thankful

I believe the drawing is titled “Jackson & Daddy giving Mommy flowers. With a toy.” But I could be wrong, he was a little squirrely about answering me when I asked.

I want to clean

They did a “New Year’s Goals” activity, and Jackson’s was “I want to clean the house.” Sure dude, get RIGHT on that.


Apparently, penguin like fish.


This is an anatomy lesson: ears, eyes, head, tongue, & nose.


This is my favorite. I don’t know what level of help he had with this–I’m assuming a fair amount–but those are clearly his letters. It says “With tongue I taste. With nose I smell. With ear I hear. With eyes I see. With hand I touch.”

It blows my mind, seriously, that he comes home with papers that have words & sentences that I can read. That he is doing basic math. That he draws pictures that tell a story. He loves letters and numbers. He wants to have us help him figure out what words are on a page. He is growing and learning, and it is such a privilege to get to watch him do both.

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