February 2014

Talking Apps at Launch Yourself

February 19, 2014

I don’t talk too often about the specifics of my job but I’m making a bit of an exception today. I sat down with my good friend Melissa (the superstar behind Launch Yourself, a business focused on helping you launch your career, business, or brand) to do a podcast on some of the things I’ve […]

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Beauty Box 5 February 2014 Review

February 18, 2014

*I was sent a box to review, but was not compensated further.  All opinions and run-on sentences are 100% mine. Once again, Beauty Box 5 was my first sub box to arrive this month, which should probably stop impressing me at some point, but likely won’t. Because I’m easy to please. So, what did this […]

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Doing the New Thing Without Help

February 17, 2014

I watch him move through the water, slowly, methodically. Fingers together, hands cupping the water, one arm overhead, then the other, deliberate movements prompted from instructions from further down in the pool. He has better form than I do, and I’ve got 30 years on him. He’s focused (mostly) on what the instructor is telling […]

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It’s Magical In Here

February 12, 2014

On Monday, I got my last Christmas present, the thing I wanted most of all–someone to clean my house. I’m not a great housekeeper in general–we don’t live in filth, but I’d rather spend my time doing other things than cleaning–but after the November & December of sickness and injury, I really wanted someone to […]

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Get Ready With Me? Sure, Why Not

February 6, 2014

So, for reasons that are still somewhat beyond my comprehension, I’ve been compelled to do a getting ready with me video. I’ve had the idea for a while, actually, but am basically a chicken about video and have put it off and put it off. Finally, I decided to just go ahead and go for […]

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