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by Ginger on January 31, 2014

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Is it just me, or has this week been INCREDIBLY long? I wasn’t helped when I spent all day Tuesday thinking it was Thursday, but even beyond that, I feel like this week has been loooooooooong. Anyway, because my brain is in “almost weekend let’s not operate correctly” mode, let’s just do some tidbits, eh?

1. As a result of the health stuff with Jackson recently, we are halfway through our (not insubstantial) deductible. For the year. And it’s not even the end of January. I’m alternating between freaking out over this and going OK everyone, let’s get through every medical thing possible so we can actually get through the deductible and to the other side where our insurance actually pays for something! (No, really, everyone stay healthy. I’m tired of the health stuff).

2. Speaking of health stuff, Jackson has ANOTHER ear infection. There are some discussions about allergies or sinus infection happening with the doctor, but we’ll see what determination they come to. For me, I hope that SOMEDAY I will realize that when my child is being an emotional basketcase, it’s usually a good sign that something is going on. I mean, beyond the typical 4 year old basketcase.

3. Speaking of Jackson, one of the things that turned this week a little bit topsy turvy was that we got some totally new information regarding school for him next year. I’ll probably do a post on it at some point, but the basic gist is that we have another option that we didn’t know we had, and now it looks like we’re doing the complete opposite of what we thought we’d be doing. (I know, clear as mud). It was mostly just a bit of a mental whiplash situation, and one that it’s VERY easy to overthink, and made my brain tired.

4. I…I may have filmed a getting ready with me video the other day. I blame sleep deprivation, but I think I actually kind of enjoyed doing it. Unfortunately, I got a phone call during the final 5 minutes of getting ready, so the video is incomplete (yes, I filmed it with my phone), so I’m not sure I’ll ever post it but I may sorta, kinda, maybe think about doing another one. WHO AM I??

5. I got this Buxom Lip Polish in Gabby for Christmas, and it is this really pretty plum/mauve color lipgloss (I also have a sample of Dolly, and it’s nice too. But it’s no Gabby). It’s got a nice amount of color, not too sheer, and not toooooo much glossiness, and actually has some ok staying power for a gloss. And even though it says plumping, it doesn’t really have a painful tingle the way some plumping glosses do. Anyway, I got it at Christmas, and I’ve almost used the whole thing up, I use it so much. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone through an entire tube of lipgloss (lipstick yes. lipgloss no). AND I plan on buying another one, I like it THAT much. Highly recommend.

6. Tonight is date night. Is there a more glorious thing when you’re a parent than pawning off your offspring to someone else for a few hours? And being able to actually TALK to your spouse without a zillion interruptions? The only thing better is when the grandparents can take the small one, enabling date night AND sleeping in. Magical.

7. I….got nothin’ else. What’s going on with YOU?

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