2014 To-Do List

  1. Take Jackson to Texas.
  2. Get my passport updated.
  3. Read at least 50 books.
  4. Update the backend of the blog, and maybe do a refresh of the front end.
  5. Get family photos done.
  6. Eat more vegetables.
  7. Take an honest to goodness family vacation.
  8. Go to PJ’s at TJ’s. It was awesome.
  9. Get a better handle on our finances, including our investment stuff, and do some long-term planning.
  10. Consolidate some of my social media nonsense.
  11. Revisit the tattoo idea.
  12. Be more active, in general and in a fitness sort of way.
  13. Go to The Blathering. Unpossible, since the next Blathering is going to be in 2015, not this year. But I bought my way into next year already, so I’m going to count that.
  14. Continue Bring Back the Words.
  15. See at least 4 movies in the theater.
  16. Deal with unbloggable work thing.
  17. Try to encourage some local friendships.
  18. Organize my RSS reader and stop reading blogs that I don’t enjoy anymore.
  19. Work on being a less lazy parent.
  20. Do something really fun for my 35th birthday.
  21. Find some ways to spread the blessings that my life offers to others.
  22. Tell people when I’m thinking of them, or when I’m proud of them, or the like.
  23. Try my hand at writing some longer-form stuff.
  24. Take more pictures with me in them.

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