November 2013

A Week Without Obligation? Sounds Like a Myth to Me

November 15, 2013

I almost can’t even fathom what a week without obligations would be like. Without to-do lists and deadlines and timelines, no work projects or meetings. It sounds…mythical at this point in time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about it anyway, right? So what WOULD I do with a whole week without obligations? Well, […]

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Things I’m Loving Lately

November 14, 2013

Let’s talk about STUFF, shall we? Specifically, stuff I’ve been loving lately and would like to tell you about in case you want some new things to love as well. And there’s not even any makeup in this list! Coconut oil. So I started using Retin-A a while ago, and it has made my skin […]

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I Used To Think

November 13, 2013

I used to think…no, I used to FEEL that the world was small. That other places existed beyond the edges of my memories and day to day life, but they were miniscule in my mind. The place I inhabited, where my family was, that was what was big and vast and loomed large to me. […]

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Ways the Walking Boot Sucks

November 12, 2013

Look, I promise this isn’t going to become the “wah my ankle” blog, but seriously, this thing sucks. Better than crutches, yes, but still not great. Why? Let me show you: I’ve had the stupid thing for 1.5 days, and my back & hips already hurt like crazy because of the height issue. Because the […]

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November 11, 2013

I was on solo parenting duty this weekend while N.C. was up in LA for a convention. It was…well, it was 3 straight days with my 4 year old, so it had its moments. Friday wasn’t a great parenting day, for a lot of reasons, although there were some nice moments, particularly during dinner when […]

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