Pluses and Minuses

by Ginger on November 29, 2013

in Downtime

On the plus side: I didn’t eat 4500 calories, or whatever it is that they estimate people eat on Thanksgiving.

On the negative side: In the past two days I’ve only kept down 2 pieces of toast, 1 scrambled egg, and some chicken broth. Oh, and gingerale.

On the plus side: We had always planned to eat out, so I didn’t have to deal with a bunch of food cooking at my house.

On the minus side: I actually kind of wish we had some leftovers for when I’m over this nonsense.

On the plus side: I was able to rally yesterday and make it to our reservation, and the boys enjoyed their meals.

On the minus side: It was a…bit of a race to get me home afterwards.

On the plus side: I’m about 95% certain this was a mild case of food poisoning, so I don’t expect the boys to fall victim to the nastiness.

On the negative side: I’m not sure I’ll eat Thai food for a while.

On the plus side: At least it’s a holiday weekend, so I’m not missing much work.

On the negative side: This is SO not how I wanted to spend my holiday weekend.

So in summation–I don’t recommend getting food poisoning the day before Thanksgiving, seeing that it’s a holiday that kind of revolves around eating.

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