Going to See Girlfriends

by Ginger on October 3, 2013

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I’m heading to The Blathering today, to spend four days with friends new and not as new, and honestly, this trip couldn’t come at a better time. I desperately need a vacation, and I desperately need some time with girlfriends. I don’t get enough of either of those things, and I neeeeeeeed them.

Part of the fun part about this trip being ALL the way across the country is that I get a travel day to myself to shift into Not-Daily-Life-Mode. I’m not a huge fan of travel days when I’m doing, say, business travel. But when it’s for myself, like this? It’s actually kind of nice. I can spend hours reading. I bring my snacks. I try not to be on my laptop during travel days (I’m not even bringing it on this trip), because something about being AWAY from the computer helps me transition to vacation time.

Also, it’s nice to have some uninterrupted quiet time. I’m not a talker on the plane–unless I know you, I don’t want to chat with random strangers while trapped in an airplane. I want to read my book in peace, please and thank you. And since I feel like I get talked to death so much these days with the 4 year old, it’s nice to have a few hours of auditory detox.

I didn’t used to like to travel by myself. Eating meals alone or dealing with the details of traveling (taxis & hotel check ins & the like), those things were a little odd to get used to when I first started doing business trips solo. Now though, I’m so used to doing it that way, that it’s no big thing. I’ll go to fancy restaurants solo (though, admittedly, this is made easier with smart phones & Twitter), or to a Broadway play, or wherever. It’s a different kind of traveling than when you’re with someone, but it is fun in its own way.

Of course, this weekend, I’m not really traveling solo. I’m doing the flight alone, and maybe the taxi to the hotel, but then I’m meeting up with plenty of real live, squeezable ladies, and I can’t wait. I don’t get nearly enough “girl” time around here, so I can’t wait to spend the weekend with all these other ladies. If it’s anything like last year, there will be lots of eating, lots of drinking, lots of talking, and LOTS of laughing. It is one of my absolute favorite ways to refill my spirits and my fun-o-meter.

I can’t wait.


Prompt from Bring Back the Words, Week 16

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