Sick Day Must Haves

by Ginger on September 21, 2013

in Downtime

So yeah, I’ve been sick. And it sucks. And I’m over it. Stupid immune system.

Anyway, because I’ve been sick for a week, I’m very well versed in what, exactly, my sick day must haves are. Let me share them:

  1. Tissues with lotion. It takes all of about 4 tissues before my nose starts to crack and peel, so soft, strong, lotionized tissues are my favorite. If I have to go through a box & 1/2 on my own, then at least my nose will only hurt, not be in agony.
  2. Clean, soft sheets. When you’re sick and achy, clean and soft sheets are a must have. When your sheets hurt, you know things are bad.
  3. Extra pillows. I like to have a mountain of pillows when I have congestion/runny nose, to prop myself up & help alleviate some of the sinus pressure.
  4. Soft pajama shorts & the softest tshirt I have. Again, the softer, the better.
  5. Lotion & lip balm. For the nose/lip area that gets so dry and cracked, these are mandatory.
  6. Nasal spray.  When I’m congested, this stuff is like liquid from the heavens. Saline spray will work in a pinch, but it is seriously not the same.
  7. Sprite.  When I’m sick, Diet Coke tastes super funny, and Sprite tastes like magical bubbles of goodness.
  8. Reruns of favorite/cheesy TV shows, or movies I’ve seen a zillion times. Nothing sad, because I don’t need to cry, but things like Charmed, Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Veronica Mars, or movies like Day After Tomorrow (don’t ask me why I will watch this terrible movie whenever it’s on, I don’t know.) or Shawshank Redemption or just about anything that TNT has shown a million times. I need something that I can drift in and out of and not be upset that I missed parts.
  9. Soup. I’ll be honest, most of the time when I’m sick I just want the terrible for you sodium bomb ramen.
  10. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. This is harder with Jackson around than it used to be, but I want the ability to just be in bed and sleep as much as I want & need.


Prompt from Bring Back the Words, Week 14

Trish September 21, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Seriously, when I’m sick I HAVE to get some ramen in me. I never eat it any other time so I figure it’s okay 🙂 Glad to know I’m not the only one!

Christa September 25, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Pro tip from someone who used to smoke (ugh) and got sick a lot: Rags, hankies, whatever work SO much better than tissues – even with lotion. No nose chapping. Literally none.

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