September 2013

A 50/50 Toss Up

September 30, 2013

When he was a baby, everything FELT huge and scary and oh-my-god-what-if-i-screw-this-up-and-do-something-wrong. In the throes of hormones and babyhood, the task of keeping an infant alive had moments of white knuckle terror. In hindsight, babyhood is, if not a breeze, a different kind of mental game than parenthood feels like as he gets older. Now […]

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Bring Back the Words Prompts & Link Up: Week 16

September 29, 2013

This week I’m heading to Charleston for The Blathering, and I. Can’t. Wait. Four days of no work, no four year old, no to-do list, nothing but friends and food and fun (sorry honey!). I am in desperate need of this, and it is coloring ALL my thoughts this week. SO! You’ll see that influence […]

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Fall in Southern California Is…

September 28, 2013

Fall in my part of Southern California is basically not fall. It’s *surprising* when the weather cools off in September & October, since it’s very often that these months include some of our hottest days, and Santa Ana winds routinely bring hot and dry conditions that make your skin crackle and increase the wildfire threat. […]

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Bring Back the Words Prompts & Link Up: Week 15

September 22, 2013

I’m finally starting to feel a little better, after more than a week of being sick. Which, thank goodness, I’m kinda tired of being sick. And also, my mom is in town so I’m glad I’m not just totally sick while she’s here. I’m still not totally with it though, so let’s just get to […]

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Sick Day Must Haves

September 21, 2013

So yeah, I’ve been sick. And it sucks. And I’m over it. Stupid immune system. Anyway, because I’ve been sick for a week, I’m very well versed in what, exactly, my sick day must haves are. Let me share them: Tissues with lotion. It takes all of about 4 tissues before my nose starts to […]

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