I Know Silence is Golden, But C’mon Now

by Ginger on July 5, 2013

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As a serial monogamist, there was very little ACTUAL dating in my life. I tended to pair off with someone in my social circle and then date them for a while, and even that was pretty limited, quantity wise.

However, I do have one pretty terrible first date to talk about.

This was in college, and I (honestly) don’t even remember the guy’s name. We went on the one ill-fated date, and then I don’t think I ever really saw him again. Come to think of it, I don’t really remember how I even knew him. I think he was a friend of a friend?

Anyway, he asked me out, and our date was going to be going to a basketball game. Now, a few little background details. The year before I went to U of A, they won the National Championship, but even before that, it was basketball basketball basketball in Tucson. Basketball was KIND OF A BIG DEAL on campus. As students, you couldn’t get full season tickets–IF you won the student lottery, you were allotted 1/2 of the season only. So this was like the holy grail of dates. AND I grew up in a family that loved college basketball, so I was super stoked. I thought it would be fun! We could cheer! We could eat nachos! If we ran out of things to talk about, there was always the game to liven up the conversation!



Yeah. So, the guy comes and “picks me up” at my dorm (really, he just walked over to my dorm), and we walked to the other side of campus where the game was. It’s not a SUPER long walk, but it was probably about 15 minutes. And…he said, maybe, 2 sentences to me after the initial “hi, ready to go?” I tried you guys, I really did, to engage him in conversation(and whoa is that not my strong suit), but NOTHING. Tumbleweeds. SILENCE.

So I think, well, maybe he’s just shy. Maybe when we get to the game, we’ll have something to talk about. Or at least, we can cheer together, right?

You guys, this dude SAT the entire game, in almost absolute silence. I think the entire game, he said MAYBE 4 things to me. He did not stand up to cheer. Hell, he didn’t even cheer sitting down. He didn’t talk to me, or to the people around us. I…I am still flummoxed by this. In the beginning, I felt awkward, so I didn’t stand up to cheer either. I think I felt like we were on a date, I should mirror his enthusiasm level or something? But there came a point when I said screw it, and just did my thing. I cheered with the other people in the section. I high-fived the girls sitting behind us when we scored. I talked to the older couple next to us about how the team was doing that season. I basically ended up just going to a basketball game, by myself, just…with this guy who sat next to me.

Finally, FINALLY the game was over, and he walked me home. And then it was over. He didn’t try to kiss me (thank goodness because NO. You need to at least speak to me to kiss me), and we never really spoke again.

I am still flabbergasted. I mean…why? What? HUH?

(And this is one of many reasons I’m glad I didn’t have to date much).


Prompt from Bring Back the Words, Week 3.


AJ July 5, 2013 at 2:08 pm

OMG, we were at U of A at the same time!!! BEAR DOWN!

mona July 12, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Awww, my husband went to U of A! He loved his time there and I always thought the campus was so pretty.

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