Overthinking Pre-K

by Ginger on July 1, 2013

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Today was Jackson’s first day of pre-K, and whoa is it weird to me that we’re already here.

He’s started asking about what words in his books (or on a sign, or in a restaurant, or..anywhere) say. He knows some basic math concepts, like that if we have 5 things and take 1 away, we have 4 things left. He knows that certain words sound the same, and that some things are bigger and some littler, and that his name is spelled J. A. C. K. S. O. N.

It’s not just about these random measures of his “academic” knowledge, but more about the fact that, whoa, when did we get to the point where we have this little boy? The stakes are slowly getting higher now, both in terms of what we teach him/what he learns, but also in terms of how we parent him.  I think about the difference between parenting a newborn, an infant, a toddler, and now a full blown pre-schooler. There are lots of challenges with them all, but I feel like now we’re getting to the point where things will stick more. I have memories from 3 & 4 (not many, but a few), and I wonder when we’re interacting with J, “will this be something he remembers?” Will he remember this lesson, this punishment, this outing, this time we yelled, this time we snuggled together?

And yet, I’m aware that he is still such a LITTLE boy. A little boy who says that eating too much will give him a tummy egg, and who wants to cuzzie up with us in the blankets in the morning, and who doesn’t know how to regulate his emotions, and who still thinks that a hug from mommy and daddy means it’s all better.

I know, I really do, that he’s still little, and that bigger changes are coming and, yes, even that I’m being a little ridiculous, but do you expect anything different from me by this point? I just know that it feels perfectly right, but also very weird, that I have a kid who is, like, learning math and reading concepts already. And I hope that I’m up to the challenge of teaching him and parenting him.

Jesabes July 1, 2013 at 9:56 pm

I feel like the stakes are going up far too quickly. Like, crap, I just screamed at the kids, is it too late to hope they don’t remember? If I never scream again (um…) will I still be remembered as a yeller?

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