Saturday Snippets, and A Question for the Bloggers

by Ginger on June 8, 2013

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Wow, so I do a whole month of blogging to get my writing flowing again…and the day the month is over I disappear for the next week. Clearly, my project worked SUPER well.

To be honest, this week was just tough. Between trying to recuperate from the trip (biz travel is freaking exhausting yo) and reentry to work after a week away…well, my brain was basically mush at the end of every day. I haven’t done any reading, any writing, any ANYTHING that requires many brain cells that isn’t work related since I got back. Buuuuttt, I figure it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Gently, without too much pain, which of course means…snippets!


The boys have taken to buying me flowers pretty much any time Jackson sees a flower stand. There’s a little flower stand by this one restaurant we go to a fair amount, and now whenever J sees it he says, “Oh maybe we need to buy Mommy some pretty flowers there today Daddy.” I love having flowers around the house (always have), but I love even more that it’s something that my guys do because they know it’ll make me smile.


After a…gluttonous few weeks, we’re trying to eat a little lighter, a little healthier. Three things that are helping that immensely: the grill, the new cast iron skillet, and a jar of blackening seasoning. So far this week, we’ve had blackened tilapia (with broccoli), blackened grilled chicken (with caprese salad), blackened shrimp (in a salad). We have plans for blackened chicken and roasted corn tonight. I’m sure we’ll get tired of it soon, but for now, it’s a nice way to reset after weeks of rich restaurant foods.


I started watching Scandal right before my trip to New York, and very, very quickly became obsessed. So, I finished the entire series in about a week and 1/2. I’d be embarrassed, but…nah, it was just what the doctor ordered. Man is that show a lot of fun. It’s also a trip. And also, I want Kerry Washington’s wardrobe, though I will admit I would not look 1/2 as stunning in her clothes.

What should I watch next?


I have this idea bumping around in my head after doing Maria‘s Makeup Mondays, about coming up with some different types of writing prompts every week and doing a link up for anyone who wants to play along. I know there are a zillion of these out there already (I personally know of…6 or 7 different ones), but for some reason, I’ve never felt totally comfortable jumping into any of those communities, so, I don’t know, I kind of thought of making my own. I loved when I was doing the ControverSunday stuff–a chance to REALLY break out my brain!–and I had a ton of fun with the makeup posts. I dunno, I have some ideas of how I think it would work, but would any of you be interested in something like that?

agirlandaboy June 8, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Ooh, I’m interested. I can’t commit to anything right now because my life is crazy, but I’d definitely participate when I could and I think it would make for some fun reading.

clara June 9, 2013 at 5:27 pm

I’d be into that. Prompts are always a good thing.

And now I will go read all your back posts that I missed.

Jess June 9, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Yes!!! I looove writing prompts. I’d totally participate

Jamie June 11, 2013 at 9:37 pm

I just wanted to stop by because it’d been awhile since I stopped by your blog.. Wanted to stop in and see what was new.. Still a favorite of mine to read =)

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