May 2013

Chuck Taylors, Age, and Strutting Your Stuff

May 21, 2013

Today’s prompt comes from Kelly,  a question I just love:Am I too past it to wear my Chuck Taylors now that I’m 46?Simply put, NO. Or, more elaborately, rock the Chucks my friend. What, you want a little more rambling about it? Ok, fine. There are certain things I definitely think almost all people age […]

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Makeup Monday–The Eyeshadows, Plus My New Favorite Trick

May 20, 2013

Oh, eyeshadow. Of all the makeup items I own, eyeshadow is probably the 1)most abundant and 2)one I’m least skilled with. And yet, I love it so. I find it very hard to resist the siren call of a nice eyeshadow, particularly, as you can see, a trio or palette. These are my current most […]

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Sunday Tidbits

May 19, 2013

We finally watched Argo on Saturday night. I can see where some of the criticisms came from, but I can also see why it won a bunch of awards. But mostly, I’m not entirely sure that I’ve unclenched from the tension of the last hour. Today Jackson went without a nap, and hooboy did that […]

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The Post Birthday Party Crash

May 18, 2013

I had big plans to write this whole complicated post about family size and being an only child, and then I went to a birthday party with a zillion 3-6 year olds at a jump place after my kid had a short nap, and now I am exhausted from the fallout, so yeah, big complicated […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time

May 17, 2013

Today’s prompt comes from Shalini: How about a list of your top ten books? Hahahaha, Shalini thought this was going to be an EASY one. Yeah. That’s funnnnny. But I’ll give it a shot anyway. I will give the following caveats though: 1)I can barely remember what I read last month, much less last year, […]

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