The Best Decision I Ever Made

by Ginger on May 26, 2013

in Becoming Myself

Today’s prompt comes from Clara (who has some great questions!):

What’s the best decision you ever made?

I could very easily make a case for the best decision being moving to San Diego. Or prior to that, marrying N.C. Or, prior to that, getting into publishing. Or, prior to that, doing drum corps. But really I have to acknowledge that it’s incredibly likely that NONE of that would have happened, had I not made the decision to go to Arizona for college. Or, more specifically, to take my high school band director’s advice and VISIT the University of Arizona.

The summer before my senior year of high school, my mom took me, my high school boyfriend, and my best friend on a whirlwind tour of Texas & Oklahoma colleges. We visited Texas Tech, and UT Austin, and A & M, and OU, and I feel like there were a few other smaller schools in there but I don’t remember exactly. I was waiting for the school that was going to feel “right” and like it fit.

When we were done with the trip, I felt kind of…I don’t know, kind of “whatever” about the whole thing. I  could have been fine going to any of those schools, but it was just “fine.” Nothing felt right, and I basically decided that, yeah, I’d apply, but I’d probably just go to my parent’s alma mater in the next town over. And fine, it would be “fine.”

That fall, I was talking to my high school band director, and he basically said “You should just go check out U of A. Spend a weekend there. Just give it a shot.” He had gone there, it was a good school, they had a good marching band, it was close enough to home to feel close, but far enough away to not be close enough for “quick drop by” visits. I figured, eh, why not? I didn’t think I’d actually go, but it would at least be a nice weekend trip.

And so we went. And the weirdest thing happened–I stepped foot on that campus, and I felt INSTANTLY at home. It felt like a place I had always been, and should be, and it just fit. Before I saw a single dorm, or the band, or…anything, really. But it didn’t matter. It was the place I was supposed to be (I had that same feeling when we ended up in San Diego. It’s a cool feeling when it happens).

Making the decision to go to Tucson that weekend set me on a path for so many things that would likely never had happened had I stayed at home and gone to school there. The ways my life would be different are pretty mind-boggling. The experiences I never would have had (in college and beyond) are astounding. And really, I think I would have ended up a completely different person, with a completely different family, and a completely different life.

It’s a bit of a head trip to think about, but I am so, so grateful that I made the decision to listen and to visit Tucson that fall weekend. My life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Melinda May 28, 2013 at 6:32 am

That is awesome. Somethings are just meant to be. My best decision also has to do with college. I went to a local college for my first two years, and commuted from my parents home. I liked it there but I found myself spending more and more time up north at another college with my then boyfriend and friends. I decided to transfer schools for my third year to be closer to said boyfriend. Best decision ever, but for the wrong reason. We ended up breaking up shortly after but I found my home at my new college. 13 years later, I am still here now employed by that college and married to a man I met while I was a student. We love our adopted town and I am so glad I made that choice to follow my bliss.

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