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by Ginger on May 25, 2013

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Please tell me that everyone in your house has been a raving loon the past few days. If you tell me that, I’ll chalk the insanity up to the full moon and not just to my house being full of crazies. Because wow, it’s been intense around here. I am not entirely sure, but I think the child may have morphed into a werewolf with all the howling he’s been doing.


This weekend we had all kinds of plans–a birthday party, a dinner, a bbq–and then we scrapped them all. It’s a combo of the aforementioned crazy, and also the kid is sick(ish). (He has a nasty cough, and a runny nose, but heaven forbid he show weakness by slowing down. So then we end up chasing around a kid who is sick, and getting more irritable because he doesn’t feel good, but doesn’t acknowledge he doesn’t feel good. FUN TIMES is what I’m saying). So we thought it would be better not to contaminate other kids and also, it just didn’t sound like a good time chasing around a crazy, sick kid at other people’s houses. Lazy? Perhaps. Smart? Definitely.


You know how some days you just need to get off the internet before you start punching people? Yeah, I had a few of those days this week. I’ll go ahead and blame the full moon again. It can’t POSSIBLY have had anything to do with being hormonal, exhausted, and stressed. My normal ability to *not* react to stuff was off a bit is what I’m saying.


I did end up finishing a full 30 days straight of the 30 Day Shred. It felt pretty good to finish, and yes, I bought myself a treat (some makeup) for doing it. I now have not done 30DS once since then, but I’m planning on picking it up again (on a much more normal 3 times a week schedule) when I get back from New York. I didn’t see any real physical difference, but I can feel a difference, and that’s good enough.


I started watching Scandal last night. I watched 3 episodes back to back, and all I want to do now is mainline the rest of them. Also, DAYUM does Kerry Washington have some amazing cheekbones or what?


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