A Break From the Email Chains

by Ginger on May 24, 2013

in The 9-5

I spent today running around like a loon trying to wrap up everything in my office so I can head to New York for 7 days for our biggest trade show of the year. I’m not exactly thrilled to be going (though I AM stoked about plans I have with Jennie. Seriously, the only thing I’m looking forward to. That and my daily bagel for breakfast. Mmmmmm, bagels.), but I will admit there is a *small* part of me that is looking forward to not being chained to my desk for a few days. And my email. Ok, maybe mostly my email. I’m not even letting them put my email on my phone. It shall be wonderous to not be tied to the damn email ding all day long. Even if it means I have to stand on my feet for 10 hours and tell yet another person that no, they can’t submit a manuscript to us in the booth.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a non-office job, something where you weren’t tied to a keyboard and a monitor and an email address all day every day. It seems utterly foreign to me, since my entire working life with the exception of working the front desk at my dorm in college has had me tied to a phone and a computer. I sometimes wish my career wasn’t so….desktop focused.

But, alas, alack, alack, alas, my career puts me at a computer screen, fingers on keys, tied to my email a good 80+% of the time (I think the other 20 are probably sucked up into meetings.), so I’ll just take my opportunities for disconnecting where I can get them. Even if it means I have to fly to New York and work a crazy conference to cut the ties to the email chains.


Carla June 5, 2013 at 8:42 pm

One of the best things I learned recently in a time management workshop is that we need to switch perspective to “attention management” and not time management. And, the most valuable resource is our attention – time rolls on anyway whether we are paying attention to the right things or not. Therefore, a suggestion – turn off all those dings and notifications on your email!!! It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It has helped me regain a sense of control – I am in charge of my email, and not vice versa. Enjoying your blog!

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