Chuck Taylors, Age, and Strutting Your Stuff

by Ginger on May 21, 2013

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Today’s prompt comes from Kelly,  a question I just love:Am I too past it to wear my Chuck Taylors now that I’m 46?Simply put, NO. Or, more elaborately, rock the Chucks my friend. What, you want a little more rambling about it? Ok, fine.
There are certain things I definitely think almost all people age out of someday: short shorts, stilettos (though maybe that’s just my aching knee talking), strapless tops come to mind. At some point, there are certain things that become less appropriate for your aging body.
And maybe Chuck Taylors are on that list, eventually. But since I 1) don’t think 46 is old and 2) think people should (mostly) wear what they want as long as they’re comfortable and confident in it (ESPECIALLY in shoes) and 3) think Chuck Taylors are awesome, I say wear them and strut your stuff. Look, if you were asking me about, I dunno, rompers, I’d probably have a different answer (although, honestly, I really think MOST people, regardless of age, should avoid rompers. If only for the bathroom challenges). But Chucks? Nah, Chucks get to stick around. Although, I might recommend a shoe insert. Chuck Taylors are many things, but MAN do they have CRAP foot support.

Single Mom in the South May 22, 2013 at 3:12 am

LOL! And when my dad played basketball that’s what everyone wore… no wonder they all need knee replacements!

RE: Short Shorts: I was standing next to a mom at school last night whom I know to be over 40 and her shorts… Oh MY LAWD! All I could think was, “The school dress code says shorts must be longer than your fingertips and you’ve missed by a whole hand!” and “Own your size 4, honey… it’s something to be proud of, but don’t shove it into a size 2, because size 2 shorts on a size 4 body is still too small”

Yes, I judged.

Melinda May 22, 2013 at 5:14 am

Life is too short to be uncomfortable. If Chucks make you happy, then rock them!

Lisa May 23, 2013 at 7:47 am

They will have to pry my Chucks off my cold dead feet. Short-shorts though, NO ladies. Just, NO. Let’s be honest, they don’t even look that good on toddlers, there’s not really any age where booty shorts look good.

For some reason, the bathroom logistics of rompers really concerns me. Do romper-wearers never pee? What do you do if you’re drinking in a romper and have to pee in a skeezy bar bathroom where people have peed and/or barfed all over the floor and you have to hold the stall door shut with one hand or foot while you do your business? (You can tell what kind of dives I liked to frequent in my bar days.)

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