by Ginger on May 11, 2013

in Downtime

Today has been a lazy, lazy day. We lazed around in bed, then we went and had a leisurely brunch on the beach, then we drove around enjoying the nice day. Now it’s naptime, and Jackson is quiet, and all the doors and windows are open, and there’s a beautiful breeze, and it is just a perfect weekend day.

Beach Brunch
I mean really, who could ask for a better brunch view?

Sometimes, I feel like the weekends have too much pressure. Pressure to get everything done. Pressure to enjoy every second. Pressure to relax but also pressure to be productive. Some weekends, there is just no winning.

And then every once in a while, you get those perfect days, where even the air seems to know it’s a weekend, and that you need a break. When you feel rejuvenated, and you can look around at the your life and go, DAMN I’m lucky.

Because honestly?

DAMN I’m lucky.

N.C. and I were talking about how different it feels to live here than it did to live in New York. New York never felt, truly, like home. There were things we both loved, but it never was a place that seeped into our souls. I understand how it can for some people, but that just wasn’t what New York was for us.

This place though…this place became home almost instantly. It feels like a part of me, a piece of my heart/head/breath. And in this place, I have been learning who I am. I have become a mother. I have become (hopefully) a better wife. I have become myself. This place isn’t responsible for all of that, but it’s now tied to all those things. And between that and the feeling of rightness I have here, I can’t image any better place for my life right now.

I’m a lucky woman. I have an amazing family, an amazing home. My life is, for the most part, just what I need it to be. Luckily.

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