Colorful Coloring

by Ginger on May 7, 2013

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Another prompt from Ms. Clara:

Crayons or pencil crayons and why.

For coloring books, crayons. They feel better on the paper, unless you get those really crappy ones that feel/sound like they have grit in them, and now I’m cringing just thinking about those. But when you have a nice, quality crayon, those are the best for coloring books.

For plain paper (of the copier variety), I think pencil, because chances are I’m trying to write something not draw it. And even if not, something about a standard sheet of blank white paper says colored pencils to me.

For construction paper, crayons. They show up better/easier, and with the “tooth” of construction paper, a fat waxy crayon feels a little better to me. Although, really, I’d probably go for a marker here if I had the chance.

For butcher paper, probably crayons. Easier to make a big impactful line on a big sheet of paper with a crayon.

For Jackson, crayons, because I feel less worried that he’s going to stab himself/me/the dog/the couch with a sharpened crayon than I do when I see him with a sharpened colored pencil. Plus, they’re easier for his little hands. And cmon, you know little kid crayon drawings are just the best.

For N.C., either. Because the guy can do disturbingly good things with both. Seriously, we go to restaurants and they give us crayons for Jackson and N.C. ends up drawing masterpieces. I remember one time we went to Macaroni Grill years ago, pre-kid, pre-marriage, and N.C. was drawing on the corner of the table, and the waiter asked if he could take the drawing home. Artists man.

And finally:

Crayon eyeshadows.

Pencil (but only cream) eyeliners.

Crayon and pencil for lips, but usually not together.

Because these days, everything comes back to makeup.

(and yes, I just wrote 300 words on crayons and colored pencils. I don’t know whether to be proud or vaguely ashamed).

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