April 2013

Checking On Him

April 9, 2013

I used to check on J at night, watching for him to take his next breath. He has never been a noisy sleeper–even as an infant he was silent, his breath a whisper I had to strain to hear. Sometimes, I would hold my own breath in an attempt to hear him, to reassure me […]

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On Not Enjoying Them When They’re Little

April 8, 2013

We’ve been going through a somewhat challenging time with the kiddo the last few weeks. He’s been defiant and screamy and just generally not a pleasant human to be around. His teachers have noticed it, we’ve noticed it, the people in the grocery store giving us those looks have DEFINITELY noticed it. It hasn’t been […]

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I Believe

April 4, 2013

…that most (but not all) people are better than their FB updates. …that painted walls are better than white walls (mostly). …that some people fight just to fight. …that gay marriage will be legal in this country in the not too distant future. …that fountain Diet Coke is immensely superior to cans or bottles. …that […]

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