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by Ginger on April 29, 2013

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This weekend, we took the kiddo to Legoland for a little family time that was focused on the little dude rather than, you know, errands and stuff that we normally do on a Sunday. We got annual passes for Christmas, and they’ve turned out to be amazing gifts: because the park is only about 10 minutes from our house, and because we have passes, we can basically treat the park like…well…any old park. We can go for a couple of hours or all day, we can come late or leave early, and there’s no pressure to ENJOY EVERY INCH OF THE PARK RIGHT NOW. Which, you know, with a 3 year old is a pretty nice little option.

So anyway, we were wandering around the park yesterday, and my boy was in three year old heaven what with the rides and the legos and the play areas, and I found myself grinning at him and thinking, “How blessed and lucky I am to be able to give this kind of thing to my kid.”


When I was growing up, we didn’t have the kind of disposable income my family has now. When I was J’s age, we lived in a really small town. My mom worked multiple jobs. My childhood looked very very different from what Jackson’s looks like. N.C.’s childhood looked very very different from what Jackson’s looks like. Neither of us would have known what hit us if we were able to go to an amusement park on a Sunday, just because. And Jackson just doesn’t know any different.

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed that my parents worked so hard to give me every opportunity they could so that I could build a life that would let me be here now feeling incredibly lucky and blessed that I’m able to give my kid these kinds of “perks.” I want Jackson to know that this isn’t a given in life, that we are blessed and that these sorts of extras, which we love and enjoy, are just that–extras. I want him to know we work hard to be able to do these things, but that it’s not just about hard work–there’s so much more that plays into your standing in life than just how hard you work–and that we should always be cognizant of both our hard work and our good fortune.

big big big legos

But mostly, it comes down to a sense of awe that we’re able to give these little things to our little boy. I know how lucky we are to be in this position, and I will always be grateful we’re able to share these things as a family.

April April 29, 2013 at 5:15 pm

I think that you and I are destined to just read eachother’s posts and nod aggressively, as we are one person.

Disney is 80 minutes drive for us, but still our annual passes have been so amazing because we can go for just a bit. There’s no squeezing every single ride in. There’s no waiting in 90 minute lines because you won’t see this park for another 10 years. We can get there, stay for a bit, leave at 6 and eat at the Cracker Barrel on the drive home. No pressure.

I went to Disney twice my entire childhood. C went a small handful. We are struggling to both give our kids things that we want and enjoy with them (like the ability to go to Disney eight weekends in a row) and get them to understand that it’s not the norm. Get them to understand that it’s extra. Get them to learn gratitude (which seems to be easier for the two year old than the five). How?

Single Mom in the South April 30, 2013 at 3:06 am

My in laws treated the kids to Legoland when we visited a few years ago. We enjoyed a no pressure visit as well. Its funny, because as a single mom, my parents were probably comparatively more well off than I am, but society was a little different, so I don’t think the push for all of these trips and such was the same. I know I appreciated it when we did get to go to Disney as a family…twice. My children have already been twice before the age I was when I went the first time! We are lucky because my children have very generous grandparents on both sides!

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