April 2013

Some Whining, and Operation Bring Back the Words

April 30, 2013

I miss my brain. No, really. I miss the words that used to live in my brain. The thoughts I used to have. The ideas that used to occur to me. All that seems gone now, sacrificed so that I have a brain for my job. Which, I NEED to have a brain for my […]

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The Perks of This Life

April 29, 2013

This weekend, we took the kiddo to Legoland for a little family time that was focused on the little dude rather than, you know, errands and stuff that we normally do on a Sunday. We got annual passes for Christmas, and they’ve turned out to be amazing gifts: because the park is only about 10 […]

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What I’m Currently Obsessed With

April 25, 2013

This yogurt: It’s not low fat, and you can taste it. It’s so thick and rich and lovely. It’s like having dessert, but for 200 calories. This necklace: Which I got from my last Stitch Fix (that’s an affiliate link). You can’t tell very well from this picture, but it’s navy and gold and it’s […]

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A Weekend Off

April 22, 2013

I took a much, much, MUCH needed work/internet/news/current events break this weekend. I didn’t really even plan for it to happen, but I’m so glad it did. The news from last week, coupled with work stress, coupled with anxiety…well, it wasn’t pretty. Instead, I had meals with my family. We went to the beach. I […]

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I’m Tired, But I’m Trying to Smile

April 18, 2013

I’m so tired you guys. I was already tired and worn to a nub because of work, but then the news this week, all of it–well, I think this Onion article pretty much sums it up. It’s been a week when I really shouldn’t watch the news, but it’s inescapable. I’m just so tired of […]

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