January 2013

The Roller Coaster

January 23, 2013

Oh buddy, Things have been rough lately. I get the feeling we’re headed for the 3.5 horror show that so many have warned me of, and if recent events are any indication, it’s going to be a roller coaster for us all. One minute, you are the sweetest boy imaginable. You say, “I love you […]

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Maybe I Have a Bold Side After All

January 20, 2013

So. Saturday, I did…this: It’s…very red. Here, lemme show you another shot in different lighting: It is ridiculously red. Like, candy apple red. You should see the beacon it creates in the sunlight. I. Love. It. I need to do something about  my eyebrows (I’ve been testing some different brow pencil colors to help a […]

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Morning Smiles, Night Smiles

January 16, 2013

So last week, I talked about figuring out who I want to be and how I want to describe myself, and it’s something I still have on my mind, a lot. I still don’t know the answers, but one thing I did figure out is that I want to put a little more positivity out […]

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Green Chile Stew For Those Cold Winter Days

January 14, 2013

It’s been frosty here in San Diego (look, we are NOT prepared for the 30’s around here. We’re just not), and everyone in my family has been sick, so we’ve been having a lot of soups and stews. I’m good with that, I like soup in these conditions, particularly when it means I can bust […]

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Who Do I Want To Be?

January 11, 2013

I keep wondering how my friends and family would describe me to other people. Not how I look–that’s pretty easy to imagine. But instead how (and who and what) I am. Would they say I’m quiet? Kind? Standoffish? Self-centered (blogging not-withstanding)? Would they describe me as loving? As helpful? As pessimistic? As pragmatic? Would the […]

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