The Travel Bug

by Ginger on January 29, 2013

in Entertain Me

Lately, I have the itch to travel.

I’m going to New York next weekend for work, but that’s not the same (honestly, standing in a trade show booth is just…not really traveling. It’s working, just with the added annoyance of an 8 hour commute and sleeping in a hotel). I want to travel FOR ME. By myself. With my husband. With my kid. Whatever, I just want to go.

N.C. just got back from Baton Rouge, and now we’ve been chatting about how we can get back to that area together. I want to go to Chicago for BlogHer. I want to take Jackson to visit family. I want to go to Charleston for The Blathering. I want to take an anniversary trip with N.C. I…want to get away, clearly.

Some of it has to do with work, and how much I am learning that I need a B.R.E.A.K. sometimes. Like, a real, honest to goodness break, not just a “I took the day off but will still check my work email as much as I can” break. Vacations are good for real breaks. Who knew?

But some of it is just an itch to GOOOOOOO. My trip to New Orleans reminded me of how much fun travel can be: seeing new places, eating new foods, experiencing new things. Especially when you pair that with awesome people? Travel can be great.

And look, it’s not like I’m a big traveler (or ever have been). But even small trips can be great, and it’s that kind of thing that I’m itching to do. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no to a trip to Italy or Hawaii or Costa Rica or that kind of thing, but even a road trip to Palm Springs would be nice.

I live in an amazing place, paradise even (come visit me!), but there are so many fun and interesting places out there too. Places with history and character and their own unique awesomeness. I just want to see and experience those places too.

Like I said, I have an itch.



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