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by Ginger on January 24, 2013

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Yesterday we got an email that the director of J’s school is leaving to go to another school. She’s transitioning a new person into her job, who we’ll get to meet next week.

I was really bummed to get this email, because I really, really like the director. She knows all the kid’s (and their parents!) names. She interacts with the kids, is easy to talk to if you have an issue you need to discuss, and seems to know what’s going on with all the classes. And, she’s just a sweet, quirky lady who really seems to enjoy being around the kids. I’m not worried the new person won’t do a good job–I’m sure she’ll be fine–but this director was the one who walked through the school with us when we were still looking, and it’s weird to think of J going to the same school but not seeing her every day he’s there.

We didn’t put J in the fanciest school, or the most creative, or the most hard core on a curriculum. We put him in the school that was close, in our budget, and felt comfortable. We lucked out that the director, and the teachers, have all been (mostly) wonderful as a bonus. I’m not worried about my boy when he’s at school, and I know that beyond teaching and guiding him, the staff there cares about him. I couldn’t ask for more in a school at this age, you know?

It makes me realize, too, how many wonderful benefits we’ve seen by having him go to “school.

  • He learned his letters and numbers (in English and some in spanish)
  • He’s learned to follow directions (uh, I mean, as much as a 3 year old will), and take turns
  • He’s learned to interact with other people and kids
  • He’s learned about feelings, both his and other people’s
  • Plus, they helped potty train him!

There’s more, but the gist is that school has been great for him. Has he picked up bad habits from other kids? Yes. Has he gotten in scuffles with other kids? Yes. But he’s also made friends, and learned a lot, and found things he’s good at that we never would have guessed. And he’s done it in an environment where the staff is invested in him, and cares about him, and helps him to succeed.

It was hard to send him to school in the beginning, but I’m so glad we did. And I’ll miss the director who has been there watching over them all like a mother hen.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks January 25, 2013 at 12:05 pm

I very much relate to this post … for all the reasons why you stated you love J’s school and also because the director of our son’s daycare/school just left in December to stay at home full time with her children. Change is definitely scary in some ways, but we know the Board is going to find another wonderful director who will continue to make the school a wonderful place to send our son. Oh, and also? My husband and I agreed we will not move (we’re currently 3 blocks from that facility) until our son ages out of it, because we cannot imagine finding another place as wonderful as this one.

Single Mom in the South January 25, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Sometimes, when you have a good fit, change is scary!

Cloud January 26, 2013 at 8:33 pm

I have two thoughts for you:

1. I’m sure your director is wonderful enough to have been very careful picking her successor.

2. You could consider this practice for when you have to transition to school!

But of course, in your position, I’d be stressing out, too. I hope that your worries are put to rest when you meet the new director!

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