Stretching and Straining

by Ginger on December 6, 2012

in The 9-5

So the thing is, when you’re buried under a mountain of work, and you come home deal with a 3 year old, and then do more work after that, turns out there’s not much time or energy or brain power to write anything.

Imagine that.

Things at work have been insane lately, as I’m sure anyone who follows me on Twitter has heard me complain. My head is spinning with major projects and deadlines and expectations. Some of the projects I’m working on are over my head–and I say that as someone who is pretty confident in my knowledge and skill at my job. But seriously, one of these projects in particular is NOT something that should be coming from marketing, and combined with everything else I’m doing, my stress level has been…a bit on the high side.

I don’t like how I act at home when I’m stressed like this because of work. I become short tempered, preoccupied, and grouchy about every little thing. (I’m sure my family just LOVES me like this). This is part of why I don’t really want a crazy high-powered career–I really don’t need to be this grouchy all the time.

I can’t say, however, that it’s not nice to really be stretching myself. Most of the time, stretching myself at work is more on a creative path–coming up with new ways to market books, or reworking plans that aren’t currently working. And that can be fun, but it’s…just what I do. You know? Some of these projects I’m working on though are stretching me in completely different ways–finance, logistics, corporate strategy, that kind of thing. Ways that hurt my brain, yes. Ways that have me stressed out, yes. But in new ways, which is a nice reminder that I’m not incapable of doing new things if I put my mind to it.

I just maybe wish I could only stretch in ONE direction at a time. Instead of, like, 10.

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