The Dangers of Cleaning

by Ginger on November 19, 2012

in I'm a Disaster

This whole “klutzy-hurts-herself-at-the-littlest-thing” thing is getting a little absurd. Because yesterday, I apparently pulled a muscle in my chest…cleaning the house.


Now, to be fair, this house cleaning involved 6+ hours of moving furniture, lifting boxes, carrying a vacuum up and down the stairs, etc. It wasn’t like I was just wiping down counters and hurt myself.


(although I think this proves my theory that cleaning is hazardous to your health)

I woke up this morning unable to take a full breath without excruciating pain just to the side of my breastbone. I couldn’t pull the door of the house open without it hurting. It hurt to put on my coat. I know, I want to roll my eyes at myself too

One of those adhesive heating pad things, and a bunch of ibuprofen has made reduced the pain to where I can take a deep breath again, for which I am very grateful (it’s incredibly disconcerting to not be able to take anything but shallow breaths due to pain. I don’t recommend it). It’s still tender, and I have a somewhat limited range of motion, but I’ll take it.

But still.


I’m ridiculous.

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