Celebrating With a Parade in the Street

by Ginger on November 14, 2012

in Marriage

While I was in New Orleans, I was lucky enough to see 3 wedding parades. Technically, it looks like they’re called second line parades, with the brass band being the first line, and the rest of the party being the second line.

Anyway, I got to see three while I was there, and lemme tell you, if I had to get married all over again, that particular tradition puts New Orleans WAY up on the top of the list for a destination wedding. There’s a police escort, then a brass band, then the bridal party (at the three I saw, with drinks in hand), then behind them, the rest of the wedding guests. It is joyous–bystanders get involved, there’s handkerchief waving, dancing, even beads being thrown. It is a party, in the street, in honor of the bride and groom.

I just kept thinking, “What a great way to start off your marriage!”* It’s after the solemnity of the marriage vows, and then it’s an all out “everyone in this city, celebrate with us, however briefly” moment. It was just freaking cool you know? I’m not even someone who likes a ton of attention, but THAT? Would be awesome.

(Of course, my affinity for jazz brass bands may have something to do with it, but cmon, you know you’d love your own personal parade!)

*I also kept thinking, “DAMN her dress is gonna be disgusting.” Because I’m practical like that. But really, white? On those streets? Ick.

melanie jean juneau November 15, 2012 at 4:15 pm

WOW- that’s all this country hick from Canada can say-wow

Hope November 16, 2012 at 7:14 pm

They do them for funerals, too. And pretty much any occasion where they feel like it.

New Orleans sure knows how to have fun!

Jesabes November 19, 2012 at 10:09 am

I took pictures of one of those parades and when I got home and looked at it the first thing I noticed was how black the bride’s dress is wherever it was close to the pavement. It’s so gross. But, I guess it’s basically her Trash the Dress shoot, huh? A fun way to do it!

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