October 2012

Some Snippets

October 19, 2012

This week has been VERY up and down at work. I’m working on a million projects, pulled in a million directions, and with ever dwindling resources. I’m exhausted is what I’m saying. I’m about *this* close to burning out. If I can just hold out until November, 1)things should lighten up a little on the […]

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A Shocking Confession

October 17, 2012

So, I have something kind of shocking to tell you. A confession of sorts. I’ve been working out…and I think I’m kind of getting attached to it. I know, I know. But I promise I haven’t been abducted by aliens, or brainwashed, or taken over by pod people. A few weeks ago, I decided to […]

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They Don’t Really Want ME There

October 15, 2012

So, lemme tell you all a story. When I was…uh, I don’t know exactly. The later years of elementary school, that age range (like 4th or 5th grade we’ll say). Anyway, when I was that age, my school had a “dance.” Which was, in retrospect, totally laughable, the idea of having a dance for elementary […]

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Curled In The Crook of My Arm

October 10, 2012

The other day, in the wee smalls I lay sleeping. Blissfully, blissfully sleeping. And then I felt a little hand lightly touch my arm, and I was awake. I don’t know what time it was. My (still asleep) brain thought that it was morning, as that is how I am awakened every morning. And yet, […]

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Writing Without Offending?

October 8, 2012

Last week, I got a question from a reader, wanting to know how I work around concerns about offending others, or how I decide what lines I will or won’t cross when I’m writing: I enjoy writing, and used to blog, but I’ve quit blogging for exactly the reasons you talk about. I was too […]

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