September 2012

On Sexism and Empathy

September 19, 2012

Last night, I was (finally) catching up on the massive backlog of blog posts in my reader, and I came to this post called The Hidden Cost of Acceptance from Cloud over at Wandering Scientist. In it, she discusses how the acceptance of sexism as “just the way things are” makes her life, and her […]

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September 17, 2012

I’m having one of those “I really don’t want to be the grown up today” days. I spent the last 2 weeks busting tail at work, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The kid was sick with strep this weekend. My to-do list is 2 years long. And all I want to do is […]

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What I Meant vs. What You Thought I Meant

September 13, 2012

One of the things that’s been the hardest the last two weeks is to watch people twist my words into something completely different, effectively missing my entire point. Particularly when they use that twisted version to imply that I am against something I’m for, or that I’m for something I’m against. No one likes to […]

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Reflections on Year Three of Motherhood

September 10, 2012

Last week, my little boy turned three. It seems bizarre to think of the days before he came to join us, but it feels equally bizarre to think of the days when he wasn’t this whirling dervish of personality, stubbornness, affection, and opinions. Where there once was an empty space, there came a baby. Where […]

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This Week Has Been Weird

September 7, 2012

This week has been weird. Over here in one corner, there’s the post that won’t quit. I know I’m supposed to pretend that this is all normal and not anything special and act all nonchalant, but I can’t do that. This is WEIRD. It’s so strange to see my words flying around the internet like […]

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