Breakneck Busy

by Ginger on May 10, 2012

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Life seems to be moving at breakneck speed lately, leaving me just trying to hold on until we’re out of this busy period. Which, sadly, leaves me little energy for blogging at the moment (I know, so sad). My brain just seems to crash out at the end of the day…

There’s a lot of great stuff coming up though. Today I’m taking the day off so N.C. and I can spend some time together to celebrate Mother’s Day (trying on the actual day hasn’t worked in my previous two attempts, so we’re trying it this way). I plan on eating my way up and down the coast, and trying to ignore any thoughts of work.

Then, in a few weeks, N.C. & I will celebrate our anniversary. We’re trying to find a little mini-vacation to go on for a day or two (made possible by my mom’s desire to come out and see us spend time with Jackson). It’ll be something small, within driving distance, but it’ll be nice to have even a little bit of time to celebrate.

Of course, the week after that is my annual trip to New York. It’s for BEA, THE tradeshow in the US for book publishing. This is part of why I’m so crazed at work, we’re trying to wrap up all the final planning that comes with trade shows. It all culminates in an 8 day trip to New York, something I both love and dread at the same time. Being that it’s a business trip, and a trade show at that, I’m gonna be exhausted a good portion of the time. And of course, I hate leaving the kid and the husband for so long (seriously, 8 days is way too long). BUT, the trade off for the hard work and distance is a little bit of down time in the city, a chance to catch up with old and new friends, and, of course, the opportunity to stuff my face. Yeah, I basically eat my way through the city.

That being said, if any of you are in New York, (or are going to be there for BEA, BlogWorld, or the Book Bloggers Convention), I’d love to meet up and say hi. Even if it’s just for drinks or a bagel!

After THAT? Well, after that, I think things should slow back down from breakneck busy to normal busy. Now let’s just hope I can keep up the pace until then!

Classic NYer May 10, 2012 at 2:05 pm

As it so happens, I was planning on being in New York that very same week! What a coincidence! We totally should meet up for drinks and bagels! (Though I don’t imagine we’d have them together. That’s a weird combination… unless you’re an alcoholic and a morning person… which is also a weird combination.)

maggie may May 11, 2012 at 11:39 pm

for me, a book publishing conference sounds so romantic. because i am a total nerd. have fun!!!

Reading (and chickens) May 12, 2012 at 8:09 am

Ooh, that sounds like a LOT. Have fun in NY? Maybe? If you get a chance, eat at the Northern Spy Food Co. I had brunch there last year and it was soooo good (my favorite was the kale salad, which I KNOW sounds horrid, but trust me, GOOD).

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