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by Ginger on April 30, 2012

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I heard a report on NPR this morning about how our use of pronouns can determine who holds power in a relationship, who will end up together on a date, and who has the higher social status. It was really interesting, if a little mind boggling, to think that things like your use/non-use of the word “I” can determine that. If the upper hand/authority really lands with the person who uses “I” the least, does that say  anything about the inherent nature of social media? (That’s about where my thought ends before my brain starts contracting in knots.)

I’m trying to own my opinions, wants, and likes more. I apparently (ha!) have a habit of putting everyone else’s opinions before my own, at least in my person life (at work, it’s not opinions. It’s knowledge and experience). You’d be shocked how much the muscle of putting yourself first can atrophy if you let it.

I’m slowly working on cutting back, and possibly eventually out, caffeine. I’m currently doing it through a very highly sophisticated method I call “mixing in caffeine free Diet Coke” which allows me to feel like I’m still drinking soda while slowly changing the caffeine ratio. You guys, I’m down to AT MOST 2 cans of caffeinated soda a day. This is…well, this is really astounding for me. (We’ll work on cutting out the caffeine free stuff after I get the caffeine out).

I know I’m coming out of my fog a little because I’m starting to feel bad about all the comments that have gone unanswered recently. You guys leave such lovely and thoughtful comments, and now that I don’t feel like I’m totally drowning, I want to start getting better about responding the way I used to.

My kid says “packpack” (backpack) and “eye-icorn” (unicorn) and “turtles” (shoulders). And last night when he was saying “hold mommy’s turtles” I thought how sad I’ll be when he learns to say it the right way.

I desperately want a real vacation, but there isn’t one to be seen on the horizon. So instead I’m trying to figure out a one day getaway with my husband for our upcoming anniversary that is drivable, won’t break the bank, but will feel like we’re on vacation. Wish me luck.

Sometimes I hate how cynical I am about blogging and bandwagons. But I also know how awesome blogging has been for me, so I figure I’ll take the bad with the good. (Most days. Some days I just have to roll my eyes and stop clicking links).

Mondays have become a bear of a day, with back to back meetings and appointments. It’s annoying, but it’s also nice to know at the end of a Monday that the rest of the week SHOULD get easier.

Sunday nights are officially one of my favorites now with Game of Thrones and Mad Men. I look forward to it ALL WEEK. I’ve stopped watching a lot of other TV, but those two are totally making up for it.

I’ve lived in the San Diego area for 5 years now. I still feel like we just moved here last year. Does that ever change?

Michelle April 30, 2012 at 8:25 pm

I love random thought posts like this. Not everything we blog has to be earth shattering and amazing. Haha. 😉 Because this is still worthy of being read.


I cannot imagine my mornings without caffeine. My days go much better if I have my coffee. But, since being pregnant, any more than one cup is WAY TOO MUCH, BACK OFF THERE COWBOY, with shakes and heart palpitations. Good luck with breaking the habit!

I LOVE toddler speak so much, and will definitely miss it when he learns to say “grean beans” instead of “bean beans”. May 3, 2012 at 4:04 pm

I enjoy reading about other people just like me. Monday’s are my worst day. It seems like every Monday is crisis control!

Christa the BabbyMama May 4, 2012 at 7:27 am

Yay, another Game of Thrones fan! Last night, my husband and I were discussing whether GoT is mostly the realm of fantasy nerds or if it’s mainstream. I’m not well placed to answer because I’m a fantasy nerd…

Elizabeth May 8, 2012 at 11:05 pm

I’m glad the fog is lifting! If Hannah said eye-icorn I think I’d probably spend most of my days trying to get her to say it over and over!

Hope May 13, 2012 at 9:31 am

My nephew used to refer to sandwiches as “swammiches.” I really miss that!

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