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by Ginger on March 18, 2012

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Oh hi there! Nice to see you again!

I skipped RFATW last week because N.C.’s show went EXTREMELY well, but we also spent almost the entire day in LA or on the road to and from there, and we got in as the clocks were switching over for DST. I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered from last weekend and the resulting time change, but the internet waits for no woman, so let’s catch up this week, shall we?

Over at Loosen Your White Collar, my dear friend Melissa gives us Just Follow Your Passion…Right? And oh my gosh, I swear it’s like she was inside my brain when she wrote it (which, given how often we’ve talked about the idea of passion, she might have been), because I’m someone who has never felt like I’ve had that big THING I want to do/build/make/create. Being married to someone who does, I know it exists, but for me, I’ve never known what that was like. Melissa’s post talks about how to rejigger your thinking about your career if you’re NOT sure you have a big passion. It’s perfect for people like me!

Over at Baby Rabies, Jill takes on one of my nemeses with This Needs To Be Discussed: Children’s Shoes. Yeah, kid’s shoes. The bastards.

Over at blogging with mittens, Shasta brings us For the Love of Princesses. A look into the positive things to remember about the Disney princesses, I found this to be a post that reminded me that even in the simplest stories and backgrounds we can either find the positive or the negative of the characters around us–particularly, it seems, in girls and women.

Over at amalah, Amy shares Parting Shots, about the photographs she didn’t take of her dad before he died. It made me bawl at my desk, just as a warning, but it also gave me a firm resolve to take more photos, no matter what people or living rooms or cars look like.

And over at Reading (and chickens), Shalini gives us A Brief-ish Blogging PSA. And as a blog who is not Walmart or Target or, heck, even that regional grocery store chain, I think she hits the blogging nail on the head. If you’re a blogger? You NEED to read her post.

And finally, we took it easy at Noodle Knobs this week (again, that recovering thing), though I did write about the Dinner Negotiations (we’re doing it wrong, I know). But last week, we talked about when to worry about daycare behavior, while we had a guest Noodler admitting that his kid’s comfort items are more important than he is, and I shared the sad truth that our kid is empathetic with everyone…but us.

Enjoy my friends! And be sure to share any awesome reads you’ve come across in the comments!


bekah March 19, 2012 at 9:39 am

the blogging psa is awesome! thank you for linking to it!

Reading (and chickens) March 19, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Thank you (again!)!
And I loved that amalah post, too. Well, I love pretty much all her posts, but that one especially.

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