February 2012

Challenge: Completed

February 29, 2012

With 2 days to spare, I finished. 3500 pages (give or take–I’ll admit to not reading all of the pages of lineage). I may dream about dragons, beheadings, swords, and wolves for the next week, but I finished. I still think this should count for MORE than 4 books in my book count this year. […]

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Some Muddled Thoughts on Pinterest

February 27, 2012

I keep seeing all this stuff about Pinterest floating around, and I keep having my OWN thoughts about those things, but I’ve yet to be able to form them into one coherent post. But when has that ever stopped me from spouting off? So these are my very muddled and confused thoughts on Pinterest. I’d […]

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Reads From Around the Web

February 26, 2012

This week has been weird. I feel sort of creatively blocked in this space, which I’m hoping will be short lived. But just because *I* haven’t been on my game doesn’t mean other folks have. This week’s Reads From Around the Web are proof of that! Over at In Pursuit of Happiness, Miss Britt addresses […]

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Me From A to Z

February 24, 2012

I’ve seriously seen this on at LEAST 20 blogs in the last few weeks, and figured it would be a nice easy Friday activity. I’ll give Jive Turkey the dibs on being the first place I saw it, though lord knows that wasn’t the last. A. Age: 32 B. Bed size: Queen. I lust after […]

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Out of Control

February 20, 2012

I feel so completely out of control of my calendar, my email, my to-do list, and my obligations. Which is to say, my life. — rambleginger (@rambleginger) February 20, 2012 Yeah. That’s me. I feel totally, 100% out of control of the day to day nonsense of my life. Email, calendar, to-do list…it’s all slipping […]

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