December 2011

A Toddler Tries to Whistle

December 16, 2011

I’ve been trying to capture this video for weeks, to show you one of my absolute favorite little things Jackson does. Normally, he does this when we’re out on the trail with the dog–we’ll whistle for Sasha, and he’ll “whistle” along. It’s so adorably cute, I just can’t stand it. Happy Friday!

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The Deli Across the Street

December 14, 2011

There’s a deli across the street from my office that I tend to visit at least a few times a week. They know to grab me the big soda cup as soon as I walk up, they know I’m always going to take whatever I order to go, they know I don’t want cheese on […]

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The Christmas To-Do List vs. The Plague

December 12, 2011

The problem with getting sick two weeks before Christmas is that the to-do list still stares you down even as you’re hacking up a lung. So everything becomes a choice: Sleep or get the Christmas tree (if not, it’ll have to wait another week)? Rest or decorate the Christmas tree? Keep your germ addled self […]

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A Grown Up Christmas List

December 8, 2011

Today, we made a very grown up decision about Christmas, and gifts, and finances. Instead of buying each other a bunch of gifts with money we don’t really have to spare right now, we’re going to get each other phone upgrades…something that is a combination of need and want, and about all that our finances […]

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Rocking Chair

December 2, 2011

Come on buddy, it’s time to go night night. NO NIGH NIGH Rocking chair. Well, yes babe, we’ll do rocking chair first. *** We didn’t really have a night time ritual when Jackson was a baby. We’d read a book most nights, or sing others. Sometimes a few minutes rocking, but more often than not, […]

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