November 2011

Balanced Holiday

November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving was surprisingly chill and relaxing (or as relaxing as a day can be with a toddler), which given that my kid didn’t nap a single minute and we somehow (again) screwed up the timing of our (easy, practically ready made) dinner so we didn’t eat until 7pm was kind of a miracle. (parenthesis […]

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Giving Thanks, Giving a Meal

November 24, 2011

I’ve been feeling very put upon lately. I’ve been feeling like I work too hard, and don’t have enough to show for it. We’ve had to cut back on expenses and our Christmas is going to be lighter than it’s been in a long time, because money is pretty tight. And even though we still […]

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Me Too Kid

November 23, 2011

It’s a rare day when I have to wake the kid up instead of the other way around, but occasionally it does happen. This particular morning, he was very uninterested in getting up, and I have to say, “Me too kid. Me. Too.”

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Anger and Frustration When You’re The Grown Up

November 22, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about my son’s joy, his exuberance, and my love of being there to see him in those moments. Which of course, in typical karmic fashion, meant that last night he pushed every button I had, made me so mad I was shaking, bit me so hard it left a nasty bruise, and […]

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Joy At Full Blast

November 21, 2011

The day starts with a shout over the monitor: “HI JACKSON! HIIIIIII JACKSON!” Which always makes me giggle and whisper back to the monitor “hi jackson.” Like the cruel parents we are, we make you hang out in your room while we finish getting ready, so we are able to hear you chatter over the […]

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