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by Ginger on November 27, 2011

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It was a short week, and I haven’t spent a ton of time online as a result, but I still have a handful of great reads for you all as we rev up for another week back at the grind. Enjoy!

One of the posts that has stuck with me all week long comes from Neil over at Citizen of the Month: Paradigm Shift. I’ve tried to sum it up about 8 times now, and nothing ever seems quite right, which makes sense since it seems like every time I read it, or think about it, I come to a different conclusion. But it’s about creativity, sharing online, and the roles we take as creator and consumer, and it’s really given me some food for thought this week.

Over at Tigweb, Jana shares her musical past with us, with songs from significant years in her life.  I’m a huge music fan, and have often said that there’s a soundtrack to every significant time in my life, so this post really got me thinking about if I could put it all down on paper like Jana has. Also, I loved seeing where our musical pasts met and where they diverged.

Speaking of music, over at Greeblemonkey, Aimee has put together some Christmas music playlists, all ready and raring to go when the mood strikes you. I’ll be hitting that Spotify playlist come Monday at work, you can be sure.

And finally, a slightly older post (I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t shared this one yet) from Janel over at 649.133 called I Just Don’t Care about why she doesn’t care what her kids are when they grow up, the same way she doesn’t care if they are gay. I agree 1000% with everything in her post (ok, except maybe the Taco Bell part. Mostly because, Taco Bell? Like, couldn’t it at least be a GOOD taco place?), and think you all should read it too.

Happy Sunday folks, and don’t forget to share anything awesome you’ve read in the comments!

Janel August 15, 2012 at 6:22 pm

How did I miss this? Thanks, glad you liked it!

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