Balanced Holiday

by Ginger on November 25, 2011

in Celebrations, Random

My Thanksgiving was surprisingly chill and relaxing (or as relaxing as a day can be with a toddler), which given that my kid didn’t nap a single minute and we somehow (again) screwed up the timing of our (easy, practically ready made) dinner so we didn’t eat until 7pm was kind of a miracle.

(parenthesis time! Yay!)

But still, it was a good day, complete with elastic pants and good thoughts of thanks, gratitude and reflection on our families, blessings and lives filled with love.

To balance out all that schmoopy-ness yesterday, today we had epic tantrums, toilets & tubs bubbling and backing up, and dogs vomiting. But at least I wasn’t at work?

Ah holidays, balancing the good with the absurd to keep it real.

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