Giving Thanks, Giving a Meal

by Ginger on November 24, 2011

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I’ve been feeling very put upon lately. I’ve been feeling like I work too hard, and don’t have enough to show for it. We’ve had to cut back on expenses and our Christmas is going to be lighter than it’s been in a long time, because money is pretty tight. And even though we still find the cash for coffees and the occasional pizza, it’s been weighing on me how UNFAIR it is that it’s so tight.

I know, intellectually, that a lot of people have it worse. I know, first hand actually, that a lot of people have it worse. I KNOW in my head that we are beyond lucky, and have a comfortable life. But it took today, and reading Jett’s post on growing up going hungry to really knock that into my head for real.

Because Megan(@undomesticdiva) and Jett (@jettsuperior) are teaming up to convince people to donate $5 to Feeding America. $ 5, which will feed 40 families.


40 families.

FIVE dollars.

Helps feed FORTY families.

It really, REALLY put the $75 Thanksgiving dinner for my little family of three into massive perspective.

On a day when my family is blessed to the point of gluttony, on a day when so very many of us will eat to the point of pain and then go back and eat some more, the idea of families going hungry is not only heartbreaking but a good smack of “count your freaking blessings girl”.

So today, I’m remembering how lucky I am, how insanely blessed I am, and giving $5 to Feeding America. My five dollars will help feed FORTY families. FORTY. Think about that for a minute. And today, on Thanksgiving, donations will be matched. Which means my $5 just became $10, and those 40 families just became 80.

On this day of giving thanks, I am so blessed to have my family and my friends, my comfortable life, and a veritable feast spread before me. So today, I’m thankful that I can try and help a few families who don’t have that luxury. If you have the means, I’d encourage you to think about helping in some way too.  Both Jett & Megan are doing giveaways on their sites for every $5 donated, so you could even win something for yourself by doing a good deed.

Today I give thanks, and a meal. Or 40.

Jett November 24, 2011 at 3:03 pm

Ohhhh, Ginger. Thank you for helping to spread the word!
Ah luhv ewe maaaaan.

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