Joy At Full Blast

by Ginger on November 21, 2011

in Mom Thoughts

The day starts with a shout over the monitor:


Which always makes me giggle and whisper back to the monitor “hi jackson.” Like the cruel parents we are, we make you hang out in your room while we finish getting ready, so we are able to hear you chatter over the monitor for 10-15 minutes. Right now, you often just string every word that pops in your head together, so we end up with something like “Mommy, Dada, Jackson, NO SIR!, Toppers, Remy, Remy time, Remy house, trail, owie, running, SASHA!, read, book,Mommy, MOMMA!, Jackson, oameal, potty, poopy potty, DADDY!, Jackson! (etc.)*” for the whole time. Other times, you like to sing, “ABCCETG Twinkle Star twinkle twinkle star”. Sometimes you sit quietly and read books in your bed, or play with your bulldozer, or the Pooh bear that plays music. And every day, I wait with anticipation for the minute we finally open your door, and you come barreling toward me to say MOMMA!

Little man, you have such a big personality, it astounds me sometimes that you’re mine. You start your day at top volume, full speed, and don’t stop all day long. And you make sure the world knows you’re there at all times–no shrinking violet for you my boy. But you do so much of it with a joy and happiness that I feel lucky to see. Yes, you tantrum–a lot. You ARE two after all. And yes, you push boundaries–a lot. Again, two. But you also approach almost everything you do with a smile that reaches down to your toes. You laugh and smile all day long. You capture people’s attention and hearts wherever we go. You are joy personified (when you’re not TWO personified, and even then sometimes).

You start your day at full volume, but it’s a happy full volume. You laugh while you run. You giggle while you tumble. You smile constantly. You chatter and break out into a big smile when we talk back. You have enough personality to fill the entire state, and my GOD am I glad I get the privilege of being your momma. Even when you wear me out (often), even when I feel like I’m messing up (a lot), even when I can’t WAIT for bedtime, I am deeply aware of how lucky I am to have you as such a shining light in my life. If I can be half as good for you as you are for me little man, then I’ll have done right by you.

Megan November 21, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Love this. He sounds like a bundle of energy, and you are incredible for keeping up with him with all you do, and you make time to blog about it, to boot!

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