The Noisy Silence

by Ginger on November 5, 2011

in Random

It’s not the cacophony of the day, but even laying in the darkness, there is sound all around me.

On my right, my husband is breathing deeply. I can tell he’s asleep by the cadence of his breath…plus the little snort snore that sneaks out every once in a while is a dead giveaway.

On the floor on the right, the dog is dreaming with a whimper and soft bark. It sounds like she’s moving her feet too…I wonder what she’s chasing in that dream?

On my feet, the cat is purring, finally at ease after a day of being on guard about the dog and the toddler. He doesn’t purr that often, so I know he’s completely relaxed.

On my left, the white noise of the baby monitor fills my ear. Occasionally, I hear the rustling of the kid’s blankets as he turns in his sleep, or a small moan as he dreams. If I listen long enough, the sound of his breathing comes through as my ears adjust to the silence in the house.

In the dark, the sounds amplify, until the small noises of my family fill my ears and replace the quiet. It’s the noisiest silence imaginable

Courtney @ Never Cook On A Saturday Night November 7, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Oooooh, I loved this. Very well written.

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