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by Ginger on August 19, 2011

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Despite the fact that there are practically TUMBLEWEEDS rolling through my feed reader (did back to school just throw everyone off the blogging wagon?), I’ve still got a full list of good stuff. What, are you really surprised? I didn’t think so. So let’s get to sharing.

Over at Seriously, Lisa shares some thoughts on how feeding her daughter has been, and continues to be, a bonding opportunity. It’s a really beautiful piece that serves as reminder that bottle or breast, it’s about the connection to our children.

Over at Harper’s Happenings, Mandy ruminates on whether and what to blog about. She accurately captures the mental swirl I think many of us go through, particularly as our children get older, other bloggers succeed doing other things than we do, and we try to find our own place in this online space. While it’s Mandy’s story, it really resonated with me in a lot of ways.

Over at ABDPBT, Anna explores the idea that her past self couldn’t have known about the path her life would take. ” Or maybe because sometimes life changes in ways that you don’t ever expect, and things stop working the way they once did.”

Over at Life After the Fire, Brooke gives us a VERY USEFUL tool for creating a home inventory. Ok, this one is a little older, but it’s such a great practical tool that I feel like we should all know about it.

And finally, over at Temerity Jane, we get TJ Notes Cosmo, a Cliffs Notes of this month’s Cosmo magazine. I DARE YOU NOT TO LAUGH. Seriously, go over there and try not to laugh. I’m waiting…

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.S. Related to absolutely nothing, I’m sharing this photo that I titled “Sometimes it feels like somebody’s watching me” because it cracks me up. (Both the name and the photo).

2 foot Woody cut-out looks like it's staring at me.

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