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by Ginger on August 1, 2011

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With BlogHer just around the corner, I’m pretty sure that the biggest freak out most people have had has been about the clothes. If the tweets and blog posts are any indication anyway. Well, the clothes thing hasn’t been on my list of things to worry about–and there’s a reason.

Through a fabulous local blogger Margo (who, as a side note, has one of my favorite blog names EVER), I was offered the opportunity to have some of my clothes for BlogHer sponsored by Marijane Relth, Jockey Person to Person Executive Director. Given my newfound enjoyment of clothes (combined with my not so newfound limited budget), I figured–sure, I’ll take some new clothes! Why not, right? Although, I have to admit I was a little confused as to how Jockey could outfit me for BlogHer, but I figured, hey, free clothes!

Well, turns out that Jockey P2P is a new division from the Jockey brand…a line of clothes I fell in LOVE with. They’re soft. They’re comfortable. They’re versatile. Most of the line can be worn running errands on a Saturday, OR to work, OR chasing after my kid. There are pieces that, literally, can be worn more than 10 ways (guys, this convertible cardigan is seriously like the gift that keeps on giving. That video doesn’t even show all of the ways I’ve seen it can be worn). I can tell you out of the…25 or so things I tried on at my fitting? I loved all but about 4 of them. That’s WAY better odds than I get when I go out shopping!

I mean, c'mon. How fabulous is that trench?

So if you’ll be at BlogHer and want to see the clothes in action? Just come find me! I’ll be happy to show you what I fell in love with!

Now, Jockey P2P is a direct sales business, something I never associated with clothes. I grew up in Mary Kay country, so I’m pretty familiar with how direct sales works, but it was never my deal. But somehow I liked the clothes so much that about a week after my fitting, I decided I was going to become an Independent Consultant–mostly for the discount, so I can add all the pieces I loved but DIDN’T get through this sponsorship. I’ll be honest–I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do much beyond buy clothes myself, what with my already crazy hectic life. But somehow, I couldn’t seem to keep myself from signing up. So…

If you’re local to San Diego and would like to set up a fitting, or are interested in being a hostess for a party, let me know. And if you’re not local–well, I have a handy dandy little website where you can view the catalog and even order directly if you so desire (and of course, I’m happy to answer any questions you have before you order). And if nothing else my friends, take a look at the catalog. Jockey isn’t just underwear anymore!

***Disclaimer: Marijane Relth, Jockey Person to Person Executive Director, is personally sponsoring my clothes for BlogHer 2011. I was not asked to write this post in exchange for my clothes, nor was I paid for my opinion. But I am now a Jockey P2P Consultant, so I guess in a way, I could be paying myself with this post. Hmm, they don’t cover that in disclaimer rules anywhere do they?

Lisa August 1, 2011 at 7:11 am

OK, Jockey, I love ya, but we need some regular people pricing. Maybe I’m just incredibly cheap, but I cannot pay $82 for a jersey cardigan. Or $62 for an adorable ruched sleeve turtleneck, that would look amazing on me 🙁

Ginger August 1, 2011 at 10:50 am

Why do you think I wanted the discount?!

I will say this though, about the cardigan. Well, not the Jockey cardigan specifically, but cardigans in general. I have a closet full of cheap cardigans that all look like CRAP after 3 wears. They stretch or fade or pill or whatever, and I’m kind of over it, since cardigans are something I wear, like, daily (oh, office AC how I hate you). When I did the wardrobe rehab that was one thing she really made a point to emphasize to me–instead of buying 10 shitty cardigans over the course of a year (totally true story!), just buy one or two that may be more spendy but are higher quality. Cost per wear and all that jazz.

Lisa August 1, 2011 at 10:59 am

I wondered about this when I saw it was modal. The modal clothes I have tend to look pretty threadbare in no time. Obviously, I don’t spend a lot on clothes, so that might be my problem. I’ve just always though modal stuff was generally kind of thin and sheer, and tended not to hold up very well.

Ginger August 1, 2011 at 1:09 pm

I obviously can’t speak to the longevity of the modal yet, but I can tell you that while it’s thin, it’s not sheer. It’s also not…cheap feeling. I don’t know how else to put it, but you know how some of those cardigans from target just feel…like they’re from target? Yeah, these aren’t like that.

But maybe I’ll do a “what’s it like NOW” post in a few months after I’ve been wearing the modal for a while…cuz I am interested to see how they fare.

drhoctor2 August 1, 2011 at 3:19 pm

This is one of the best sponsored posts I’ve ever seen. I sound like spam, don’t I? Am not spam !! Was just having a convo about wanting sponsored posts to SAY SO right up front and here it is..well done. You incorporated it in to the first paragraph of your post seamlessly. I’m impressed. Really. Have fun at Blogher.

Elizabeth August 1, 2011 at 4:26 pm

I’ve never associated Jockey with clothes–I hope this is the start of something wonderful for you! Sundresses are about all I can muster up the motivation to wear around here.

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