July 2011

Signs of Summer

July 18, 2011

Never quite dry swimsuits Doors and windows flung wide open Otter Pops Sand in the car, in the entry way, in the diaper bag Miscellaneous tan lines Sweaters for the office (AC wars!) Cats and dogs driven crazy by the bugs just beyond their reach on the other side of the screen door Tourist traffic […]

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Rehabing My Wardrobe

July 15, 2011

A while back, I wrote about how I hate shopping. The money. The fitting rooms. The…having zero idea how to dress myself. I mean, really, even PANTS are a freaking mystery for me. And I mentioned, in passing, that I wanted a personal shopper to come and do it for me. I was joking, but […]

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The Unfriendly Skies

July 12, 2011

In retrospect, spilling most of my 44 oz. Diet Coke in my lap on the way to the airport wasn’t really a good omen. Soaking wet, sticky, and nervous: three things I didn’t want to be as I headed into my 3 hour flight, without N.C., with Jackson. And yet, that’s exactly how my trip […]

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Here’s Hoping For the Best

July 8, 2011

A four day weekend just doesn’t seem as relaxing with a solo parenting flight with a toddler on either end of it. Assuming, of course, that I MAKE it through that solo parenting flight. Gulp. Here’s hoping this trip doesn’t drive me insane, that my kid doesn’t make all the other plane passengers hate me, […]

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Flitting Thoughts

July 6, 2011

My brain won’t settle on one thing long enough to make a full blog post, so how about some bullets on what’s flitting through my head? I’ve read Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, & 4 since last Wednesday. I started 5 today, and figure it will take me longer to get through what with no […]

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