June 2011

Pros and Cons of the Beach

June 13, 2011

Pro: Vitamin D can improve mood. Con: The inevitable stripe of skin that didn’t get enough sunscreen getting burned. Pro: Letting the dog run free at the dog beach is great exercise and fun for the dog. Con: Jerk dog owners at the dog beach who encourage their dogs to be aggressive can ruin the […]

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Food, Vegas Style

June 9, 2011

Photo by striatic Yesterday, I talked all about the hotel and casino we stayed at in Las Vegas. But let’s get to the REALLY good stuff–the food. Oooooooh, the food. While the craps table may be my husband’s weakness in Vegas, mine is ALL the great restaurants. I could eat all day long, if I […]

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Luxury at The Palazzo Las Vegas

June 8, 2011

It’s a rarity for me to sit down and write about a hotel, restaurant, or other location. But this weekend I had such a phenomenal experience, I am fairly bursting at the seams to tell everyone how great it was. After a TON of great feedback on Twitter, N.C. and I ended up booking our […]

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June 7, 2011

This past weekend, N.C. and I took a little break and headed to Vegas for a short anniversary celebration. We spent one night with my mother in law, and then we left the kiddo with her while we spent a night on the strip. I’m going to write about our hotel/casino/food experience tomorrow (spoiler alert: […]

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6 Ways to Start An Art Collection Without Breaking the Bank

June 3, 2011

So you’re at that stage in life where you want to start getting “real” art for your walls, instead of the Monet poster you got when you were in college. Or you’ve found an artist you LOVE and you really, really want to have a piece of theirs. Whatever the reason, you are interested in […]

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