May 2011

9 Days Feels Like a Lifetime

May 18, 2011

Now look. I know that complaining about being away from my kid for 9 days could be seen as horribly insensitive. I know there are people who have to be away from their kids for much longer. I get it, I do. But in my little world, 9 days feels like a lifetime. I’m leaving […]

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9 Awesome Things About Visiting the Zoo With Your Toddler

May 16, 2011

Walking so much makes the inevitable churro or ice cream more of a “energy boost” and less of a “diet disaster.” Unless your kid is flinging poop at people, you’re pretty much guaranteed that he won’t be the worst behaved mammal in the place. Seeing your kid’s face light up when he realizes that not […]

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Say Yes More

May 14, 2011

Things have been crazy around here lately, both on a personal and professional level. This past week was incredibly stressful, so when I had the opportunity to go out for some good food and good conversation on Thursday, I jumped at the chance. There was a small event for some local bloggers, and despite a […]

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That’s My Name

May 11, 2011

You know what the best part of my Mother’s Day weekend was? Besides, obviously, the fact that my kid slept until almost 10 on Sunday (sure, it was brought on by sickness, but I’ll take it)? My kid calls me Momma now. He’s been doing it occasionally, sorta, kinda, for a few weeks now. But […]

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Because It’s FOR ME

May 9, 2011

I have spent far, far too long ignoring–or at least forgetting–that I am a woman first. I’ve put every other label in front of that one: mother, wife, employee. I’ve used other qualifiers: comfortable, easy, inexpensive. But I’ve ignored that part of me that wants to look good and feel good…FOR ME. I think part […]

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