Ways Blogging May Help Your Chances With A Publisher

by Ginger on April 11, 2011

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Last week I talked about some of the myths and truths of publishing for bloggers. Though I did try to include some good in the truths section, by and large it was more about how you’re NOT likely to have publishers knocking down your door.

This week, I want to share with you some things that YOU may be getting from your blog that can be positives for publishers. These are not about your topic and your writing ability, but instead more about the “secondary” benefits you may have gotten from blogging. These things may not bring a book deal to your door, but they may help you when YOU go out to pitch your book. Not all of these are mandatory, but they can be a part of selling yourself when you try to get published.

    • Media coverage. Getting any kind of media coverage related to your blog can be a big positive in your corner. Obviously, the bigger, more national media (Today Show, New York Times, Good Housekeeping, etc)  is going to be the most impressive, but coverage from regional and local publications can add up.


    • Speaking engagements. Authors who can command speaking gigs can make a publisher very happy. Very, very happy as it’s not unusual for speaking gigs to include the opportunity to sell books. Speaking at conferences, speaking to businesses, speaking at universities–these are things that can make you very attractive to publishers.


    • Audience. Now, I know I said last week that having a big audience isn’t necessarily going to bring publishers to your door. And I stand by that statement. But having an audience is a selling point that may want to include as you send out your book proposal. As with all things blogging, the keys are how many readers do you have and how loyal are they? There’s no magic number or threshold, but the better those numbers look, the better you look.


    • Media contacts. As a blogger, you may have had the opportunity to get to know some media folks. Maybe you’ve built a relationship with a local reporter who always uses you when he has a “blogger” story. Maybe you met a staff writer at a networking event and you’ve built a friendship. Whatever it is, having media contacts that you can call on when a book comes out is a bonus.


  • Relationships with other bloggers. Finally, don’t discount your relationships with other bloggers. Your friends online may very well be willing to review your book, interview you on their blog, or offer a giveaway(just make sure you ask them, ok? Don’t just assume). That built in network creates buzz, offers promotional opportunities, and takes some of the work off of the publisher’s plate, which is always appreciated.

Obviously, this isn’t everything you have to offer a publisher. And obviously, having ALL of these doesn’t mean you will get a book deal, just like not having them doesn’t mean you won’t. But if you’ve reaped these sorts of benefits from blogging, and you want to get published, remember them as selling points as you’re pitching you and your book.

If you’ve got specific questions on publishing you’d like me to address, shoot me an email (ginger (at) rambleramble.com)and I’ll add it to my list of topics to discuss!

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Stacey Ross April 11, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Great post. Very, very true. So glad I know you & hope to see you soon. S 🙂

drhoctor2 April 11, 2011 at 3:42 pm

I love these publishing posts from the insiders p.o.v. Now, I want to see the one you didn’t put up because it was depressing. 😀

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