I am not a good sick person

by Ginger on March 10, 2011

in I'm a Disaster

If you’ve seen me on Twitter this week, you may know that the whole family is sick. Again.

We took Jackson in for his 18 month checkup/vaccines on Monday, and what started as a well-baby check ended as a diagnosis of a sinus infection and ear infection. Poor kid. (and of course, now we have to go back in two weeks for the vaccines).

Of course, what that meant was the next day N.C. and I started feeling like death. So I finally said screw this noise, I’ve been sick three times in the last month, I’m going to the doctor. Luckily for us, since I haven’t found a primary care doc yet (still), there’s an urgent care/family practice doc down the street. N.C. and I  both able to be seen same day, about an hour each. Sure enough, he was diagnosed with a sinus infection, and I got sinus infection and bronchitis.

Out of the three of us? The kid is the best sick person. He may be easier to wear out, but he’s still pretty chipper and active and smiley. Except when we have to suck his nose, then he screams bloody murder. But beyond that, I swear, you’d never know he was sick…you know, minus the gooey eyes, runny nose and cough.

Then there’s N.C. He’s a pretty good sick person. He gets a little grouchy and maybe has a shorter fuse, but pretty much carries on as normal as possible. Work, taking care of stuff around the house, doing what needs to get done. If he’s not, then he’s probably rocking a fever well into the 102’s and, well, none of us operate very well when we’re there.

Then there’s me. I am a horrible sick person. I get grouchy. I get short tempered. I get lazy. I whine. I moan. I lay around wishing the world would end. I…I think I get Man Cold syndrome.

But then, I guess at least one of us in the house was bound to…right?

She'sWrite March 11, 2011 at 8:53 pm

I love this! So true to call it Man Cold syndrome. I totally understand. Several moms have been blogging recently about how their families are sick. I’m fighting it off here in our house and hope to be triumphant. Visiting from SITS. 🙂

kate March 14, 2011 at 12:09 pm

So funny because I am the EXACT same way. I hate being sick. I hate slowing down. I hate being relegated to the couch and a box of kleenex. I am miserable to be around and tend to shift into a b%&*-like person. Thank goodness I don’t sick too often… Sounds like you guys are enjoying the new germ pool that is daycare – sorry.

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