February 2011

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

February 21, 2011

Why do I watch shows like Undercover Boss or Extreme Home Makeover when I know they’re going to emotionally manipulate me into crying? Why do I take a 3 hour nap on a Saturday when I know that will mean I stay up late that night, even though I need to get up on time […]

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Losing my weight loss mojo

February 18, 2011

Well folks, we’ve been doing the #biggestbloggingloser thing for 7 weeks, and it’s official: I’ve lost my mojo. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m still maintaining about a .5 pound weight loss every week, except for last week when the plague took over our house. So, yay and all that. (And YAY! I’ve met my […]

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The Internet, Information, and Our Responsibility

February 16, 2011

Here’s the thing about the Internet: There are no guarantees that what you’re reading is accurate. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can put info out there–we write blogs, add to Wikipedia, put our reviews on Amazon, start businesses, call ourselves experts, link to information we haven’t verified or that is no longer accurate. […]

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Dollars and sense

February 15, 2011

I did something this weekend that may have scarred me for good. I spent more than 3 hours looking at every single purchase we made in 2010. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. Think, for just a second, of every purchase you make in…let’s even say a month. Every debit purchase. Every check. […]

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5 Things I Lurve About My Husband

February 14, 2011

I don’t write about my husband that much. When I first started my blog, I thought for sure I’d write about him, our relationship and the strange reality we live in all the time. I was wrong. Part of that has been because this turned into a space more for me to explore myself than […]

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